Audio Cassette Storage Boxes

Our white Corrugated Cardboard Audio Cassette Storage Box holds 20 cassettes in their cases with the spine up. Comes with a 3" deep cover. These boxes are very sturdy and are stackable. They fold together without tape or glue.

We have an Archival Barrier Board Audio Cassette Storage Box for your more valuable tapes. Barrier board blocks migrating acids from coming in contact with the stored items. To go inside this box we have a six-cell partition also made from acid-free board.

White Corrugated Cardboard Audio Cassette Case Storage Box with lid. Holds 20 audio cassettes in cases.
Audio Cassette Storage Box. Corrugated cardboard.
4-1/4 x 2-3/4 x 15-1/2".
Holds 20 cases.

Base SKU:xcas20

Archival Audio Cassette Storage Box holds 30 tape cases. 60 pt blue-gray barrier board. Lignin and acid-free.
Audio Cassette Storage Box.
Archival barrier board.
12 x 9 x 3".
Holds 30 cases.

Base SKU:xcas30bb

Cassette Storage Box Archival Partition
6 Cell Box Partition for XCAS30BB.
Archival blue/gray corrugated.
Cells are 4-1/2 x 3-3/4".
Each cell holds 5 cassette cases.

Base SKU:xcas30bb-ins