Magazine Storage Boxes

Our PERIODICAL STORAGE BOXES are super strong, properly sized and stackable. They come with 3" deep sturdy covers. Our divider cards fit in the boxes with the lids on. For economical storage use our standard magazine boxes and our Life magazine storage boxes. Made from white (outside), sturdy corrugated cardboard, these stackable boxes are the standard boxes used by most collectors. Our Plastic Corrugated Storage Boxes and Archival E-flute Blue Corrugated Boxes offer acid-free, museum grade protection.
In addition to our standard magazine plastic corrugated boxes, we have Plastic Corrugated Boxes that store regular & large Life Magazines, Rolling Stone Magazines, Tabloids, Newspapers, Graded Magazines and Large Sheet Music.

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White corrugated cardboard Magazine Storage Box. Holds 150 Standard Magazines.
Magazine Storage Box.
9 x 15 x 11-1/2".
Holds up to 150 magazines.
White (one side) Corrugated Cardboard.

Base SKU:xmag150

Archival PLASTIC Corrugated  Magazine Storage Box. Holds up to 100 magazines.
ULTRA BOXX® Magazine Storage Box
Archival PLASTIC Corrugated.
9 x 11-9/16 x 11-5/8 "
Holds 100 magazines.

Base SKU:xmag100cp

Archival Acid-free Magazine Storage Box
Magazine Storage Box.
Archival Blue-Gray Corrugated
11-1/2 x 9 x 15".
Holds 150 magazines.

Base SKU:xmag58031

Life Mag/Lg Sheet/Lobby Card /Folded One Sheet STORAGE BOX -  Corrugated Cardboard.
Life Mag/Lg Sheet/Lobby Card /Folded One Sheet Storage Box
11-5/8 x 14-3/4 x 15-3/4"(W x H x D).
White Corrugated Cardboard.

Base SKU:xlm60

Rolling Stone Magazine Storage Box - PLASTIC Corrugated. Holds 70 magazines in sleeves & backings.
Newspaper/Tabloid/ Rolling Stone.
11-5/8 x 13 x 9".

Base SKU:x1113cp

Storage Box for Graded Magazines, Large Sheet Music, Lobby Cards, 11 x 14" Mats - PLASTIC Corrugated.
Holds Lobby Cards, Graded Magazines, Life Magazines & more.
11-5/8 x 14-1/2 x 9".

Base SKU:x1114cp