Hamilton Line Chops

The Hamilton™ line of pine wood molding comes in 1-3/16" Profile with a 9/16" Rabbet.
Hamilton frame molding offers simple lines and a modern look for today's artists. The pinewood frame comes in seven laminate finishes. The laminate is a paper wrap with coating for scuff resistance. Hardware for vertical and horizontal hanging is included.

: Chops are sold in same length pairs.Two sets of chops are needed to make a frame. Some framing equipment is needed when assembling wood frames from chops.

To purchase wood chops:
• Choose your molding profile
• Choose the desired length of your frame (1st pair of chops) and click on the "INCH" drop-down.
Next click on the "PARTIAL INCHES" drop-down. Repeat this process for the width of your frame (2nd pair of chops). 

To purchase a complete frame with a protective backing, a front window mat, and an acrylic front contact customercare@bagsunlimited for a quote.
Scroll down for product information and pricing. 

Solid Pinewood Assembled Frame - Hamilton Line.
20 x 24" 1-3/16" Profile; 9/16" Rabbet.
Honey-Pecan Laminate.
Solid Pinewood Assembled Frame - Hamilton Line
20 x 24". 
1-3/16" Profile; 9/16" Rabbet.
Laminate finish Honey Pecan. 
Mounting hard
ware included.

Base SKU: awfk10447-2024

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Solid Wood CHOPS
Hamilton™Solid Wood Chops 
Charcoa laminate finish
1-3/16" Profile; 9/16" Rabbet

Price is for one set of frame chops (i.e. two same length frame pieces). You will need 2 sets of chops to complete a frame. Please select inches first and then partial inches to finish off your desired dimension. Price is good up until the next full inch.

Click on drop downs to choose: inches and partial inches

Base SKU: awfk10452-chop

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