For safe encapsulation of old maps, documents, letters etc., use acid-free double-sided transparent tape.

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Double-Sided Tape Rolls. 3M® brand #415.
Permanent adhesive. Archival & acid-free.
1/4" x 36 yards.
Double-Sided Tape on a roll
1/4" x 36 yards

3M® brand #415
Permanent adhesive. Archival and acid-free.
(1" pictured)

Base SKU: tds1436

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Encapsulating Tape - Acid-Free. 3M Brand #415.
1/2" x 36 yards.
Double-sided Tape on a roll.
1/2" x 36 yards

This double-sided transparent tape is archival and acid-free.
Use for encapsulating documents, prints, photographs, etc.

Base SKU: tds1236

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