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We stock 3-Ring Binder Pages in three different materials for currency protection and organization. Not all sizes are available in all three materials.
Polypropylene Pages are safe for long-term storage. These pages are Ultra-Pro® 5 - gauge high clarity polypropylene.
Safety-Vinyl Pages can be used for intermediate storage. The pages are made without any chemical softeners that can cause damage. They also are stable and will not shrink or pucker over time.
Vinyl Pages are a popular choice for collectors because of their sturdiness. However, they should not be used without first putting your coins in certified-safe sleeves, flips or cases.

Coin & Currency Binder Pages - Polypropylene

Coin & Currency Binder Pages - Safety Vinyl

Coin & Currency Binder Pages for Coin & Currency - Vinyl
SUPER 3-Ring Binder. Comes with 3"capacity slant D-rings.
11-1/2 x 12-1/4 x 4" (L x W x D).
Available in Black, Maroon or Blue.
3 -Ring Binder with 3" capacity slant D-rings

Super 3-Ring Binder - with spine pocket
11-1/2 x 12-1/4 x 4" (L x W x D)
These super capacity 3" slant D-ring binders are made from vinyl-wrapped 100 pt. rigid cardboard.
The slant D-ring allows pages to flip easily and lay flat evenly while viewing pages.

Available in 3 colors: Black, Maroon or Blue

Binder holds 100-120  filled binder pages for prints and photos, sheet music, postcards, sports and non-sports cards; 200 filled negative pages; 50 filled slide pages; 20-25 filled comic pages; 15-20 magazine pages; 25-30 filled CD pages.  Binder comes with a spine label pocket.

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