Newspaper Backings

Our TABLOID & NEWSPAPER BACKINGS are properly sized to fit into OUR polybags. Placing a backing behind or in the center of your tabloid or newspaper, then putting it inside a polybag helps prevent the pages from crimping or wrinkling. It also makes them rigid. We stock backings to fit the most common sizes of tabloids and newspapers as old as papers from the 1940's thru current-day newspapers.
NOTE: All Newspaper Backings are available for both folded and flat papers. 

We stock 5 grades of tabloid & newspaper backing boards:

1. CHIPBOARD - Short-term Storage
2. ACID-FREE  BOARD- Long-term Storage
3. ACID-FREE & BUFFERED  BOARD - Indefinite Storage
4. CORRUGATED BOARD - Short-term Storage
5. Archival Corrugated Cardboard - Indefinite Storage

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