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Minigrip Zip Lock BagsMinigrip Zip Lock BagsMinigrip Zip Lock Bags


Our ZIPPER RECLOSABLE BAGS are great for any kind of packing. They are made from clear, 100%-pure, virgin polyethylene. This material is food-grade safe. We stock Minigrip® Zipper Reclosable bags which are the original reclosable bag with the red stripe closure seal as well as an Economy brand white stripe, zipper reclosable brand.

We also carry SLIDER-TOP BAGS which have an actual zipper pull that makes storing bulk items a snap (or slide). These bags are also FDA-approved for storing food products!
Bag dimensions do not include the zipper on either of these products. When deciding on the width of the bag, you need to consider that the zipper reclosable bags are about 1/4" narrower at the opening where the zipper is attached to the bag.

     All 4mil Ziplocks

     Up to 5x10 2mil

     Up to 13x18 2mil