We have created a simple product line to archivally store your most valuable posters and lobby cards -
POLYESTER 'FOLDER' SLEEVES. These polyester sleeves are sealed on one long side. It's easy to insert and remove your prints and posters without having to worry about wrinkling them or crimping the corners. Once inserted, sleeved contents remain in place due to the static-cling nature of polyester material. 

Our polyester film is approved by The Library of Congress for the indefinite care of paper products (hundreds of years). Polyester (Mylar) will not discolor, damage or adhere to items placed inside it. We use DuPont inert Melinex® or a suitable equivalent.

Archival Poster Frames.
24 x 36"
Polystyrene frame. UV blocking acrylic. Acid-free corrugated backing.
Price shown for 2 frames.
Frames for Posters - Archival


24 x 36" ARCHIVAL Poster Frame
Made from Black or White acid-free Polystyrene. 
Come assembled.

These frames have a .040" thick crystal clear UV blocking acrylic front sheet, 10 mil crystal clear polyester separator sheet (place directly on top of the poster); a Blue-gray B flute archival corrugated back sheet and two
 Polyester hang tabs.

Click on color drop-down to choose frame color.

Base SKU: apfa2436

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