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18 x 24" Art Presentation Book.
Comes with 24 double sided polypropylene pages.
Book size:19 x 25". Page size: 18-1/4 x 24-1/4".


18 x 24"  Art Presentation Book for ART, PHOTOS & PRINTS.
Book size: 19 x 25"
Page size: 18-1/4 x 24-1/4"

24 double-sided, 1.5 mil polypropylene pages. These top-quality art presentation books are excellent for carrying and presenting original art, photos, and prints. Each page has a 4.5 mil black polypropylene insert. These books are water- and stain-resistant. Covers are made of durable, 60 pt. polypropylene with stitched, nylon fabric edges.

Base SKU: aartbk1824

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30 x 40" Guardhouse Toploader.
30-1/4 x 40" (inside dimensions).12 mil non-plasticized rigid vinyl.
Holds British Quad Posters.
Toploader for British Quad Poster
30 x 40" Guardhouse Toploader 
Holds British Quad Posters
Inside: 30-1/4 x 40"
Outside: 30-1/2 x 40-1/4"
Made from 12mil non-plasticized rigid vinyl.
Safe for long-term storage.

Base SKU: app3040

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POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve Insert Poster.
14-3/4 x 36-1/4"   4 mil. NO flap.
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve 4mil. NO flap.


Polyester (Mylar) Sleeve for Insert Posters.
14-3/4 x 36-1/4"
4 mil. NO flap.

Base SKU: s1436r

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Toploader Closure Clip
30-1/2" long x 1/4" wide; 9/16" tall.
Use for Uncut Sheet/British Quad Poster Toploaders.
Closure Clip for Uncut Sheet/ British Quad Poster Toploader
30-1/2" long x 1/4" wide x 9/16" tall

Use this clear plastic clip to create a dust-free environment for posters and prints stored in Ultra-Pro One Sheet Toploaders  Product Code  APP3040. Just slide onto the open end of the toploader and keep airborne pollutants from coming in contact with the stored item.

Base SKU: aclip30

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